We are highly experienced in dealing with dilapidations claims on behalf of tenants of offices, shops and industrial units.‚Äč

We are experts in advising tenant's how to mitigate their dilapidations claims.

As you near the end of your lease you can avoid the sting in the tail by selecting us to advise and negotiate your dilapidations claim. We enjoy the challenge of using both our building surveying knowledge and our lease advisory expertise to reduce and in some cases extinguish any dilapidations claim.

Normally there is no further relationship between the landlord and tenant on vacation of a building, so this can become a contentious dispute.

Dilapidations claims are normally made by a building surveyor. Jaggard Macland are unusual in that both building surveyors and lease advisory surveyors advise and have input into any dilapidations claim. This allows us to produce unusual strategies and use lease technicalities to reduce any dilapidations claim. We have a proven track record of making significant savings for occupiers and recovering significant sums for landlords.

We have extensive knowledge of Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 which we use in negotiations as well as offering specialist section 18 valuations.

We offer the one-off service of a Dilapidations Budget and Strategy Report to inform businesses and show them how we will assist in minimising any settlement. Understand how our report can help you unlock savings on your dilapidations.

And to learn more download A Brief Guide To Dilapidations By Jaggard Macland.

For further information, please contact Steven Macdermott.