Unlocking Savings on Dilapidations

Jaggard Macland created the Dilapidations Budget and Strategy Report to inform businesses and help them agree lease settlements that work for them. Understand how our report can help you unlock savings on your dilapidations.

12th June 2024
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If your business is accruing for your lease end and the dilapidations settlement with your landlord you might think you’ve got everything covered and give yourself a pat on the back. But have you?

The amount accrued for dilapidations by most businesses we advise rarely has much science behind it. Time and again we see occupiers who have accrued substantially less than necessary, particularly when it comes to those in office buildings.

Jaggard Macland created the Dilapidations Budget and Strategy Report to inform businesses and show them how we will assist in minimising any settlement.

Some recent successes for our clients’ include:

  • A business in Marlow where we saved 78% against the landlord’s claim
  • A business in Amersham where we saved 54% against the landlord’s claim
  • A strategy for a property that took a claim of over £500,000 down to zero

Financial Clarity of Potential Dilapidations Costs

Our report gives you a clear picture of your potential dilapidations costs. With our budget figure and breakdown of key cost areas, you'll know exactly what you should be accruing and why. It's like having a financial roadmap tailored to your lease situation.

Strategic Guidance for Occupiers

Beyond the figures involved, our report comes armed with a clear plan to negotiate against a dilapidations claim. Our detailed understanding of Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 is a crucial factor in minimising dilapidations liabilities. Dilapidations claims (LINK to service page) are normally made by a building surveyor, however, at Jaggard Macland we use the expertise of both building surveyors and lease advisory surveyors to advise on all claims. Our knowledge and skill means we are able to produce unusual strategies and use lease technicalities to reduce any dilapidations claim. Consider us the ace in your hand when you begin negotiations.

Budget-Friendly Dilapidations Report

Our report is designed to be accessible and affordable. Every occupier should have the tools to navigate lease endings with confidence, regardless of budget constraints. Of course, we believe we’ll be able to help you further in your lease negotiations, but there's no obligation to commit to our services beyond the report.

Documented Peace of Mind

So you’re confident you’ve made relevant provision, you understand the whys of your dilapidations strategy and you’re ready to tackle those dilapidations head-on. But what about the paperwork? No need to worry. Our report doubles as solid documentation for accruals and audit purposes. Showcasing that you've sought professional advice? Absolutely. Justifying your position? That too.

Feel in Control 

Dilapidations claims can be extremely stressful for businesses. With no ongoing relationship between the occupier and landlord to protect, it can become contentious. With our Dilapidations Budget Report, you're fully prepared. Take control of your lease ending, secure in the knowledge that you've got a solid strategy put together by experts.

Ready to unlock savings? Early advice is prudent so get in touch with us for a no obligation quote to put together this report for you. Contact:

Steven Macdermott

Direct line: 01494 689619

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