We offer comprehensive Building Surveys to provide a detailed evaluation of a property’s condition and construction.

A Commercial Building Survey is recommended if you are considering taking a lease on a commercial property. We provide building surveys tailored to clients’ individual requirements.

Before entering a lease, you should establish the condition of the premises you are considering for your organisations’ day-to-day use, a Commercial Building Survey will provide you with all the information you require.

We give you the information you need, up front, with no waffle. Our Building Surveys help you understand the pros and cons of the property, aligned to budget costs for significant items, putting you in an informed position to negotiate or re-negotiate the terms of your new lease.

We don’t believe in wasting our client’s money, so if we think you shouldn't proceed or there are major issues, we’ll let you know straight away and ‘stop the clock’. Why would you want to pay the full fee for us to write up a survey which tells you not to proceed? That’s not the way we do business.

A Commercial Building Survey is a detailed inspection and report of the construction, and condition of a property. Our reports are practical, clear and concise. We can carry out building surveys on all types of commercial property.

For further information, please contact Phil Pearcey.