What made the disposal of this property investment portfolio so successful?

Really understanding our client’s needs was key for this significant property portfolio disposal.

25th May 2021
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What made the disposal of this property investment portfolio so successful? When our clients approached us, the first question we needed to understand was, what did the clients actually want us to achieve? The obvious objective is always the highest sale price, but on this occasion, the clients had decided to cease trading, and therefore the project needed completing before the company year-end.

Our clients also required assistance with the due diligence of any sale so initially, it was agreed that Jaggard Macland would take over the management of the portfolio to allow us time to familiarise ourselves with each property.

The portfolio comprised retail investments with some residential upper parts. Careful analysis suggested that different properties would appeal to a range of purchasers so we developed a strategy to promote individual and combined lots at auctions, off-market, and via a full open marketing campaign. This approach allowed us to identify the right purchasers, maximise the sale proceeds and complete the project before the company year-end.

As with all property transactions, the support of a good solicitor was essential and we are grateful for the work undertaken by Katherine Bereza at IBB Law.

Every property disposal is different but with the right advisors and appropriate planning, the goals by the clients can be delivered. As a multi-disciplined practice, Jaggard Macland are able to provide effective strategic advice and then deliver.

Contact: Simon Harper

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