Are you due a rent review with your landlord?

Excessive increases in lease costs can be avoided.

12th October 2021
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How do you avoid excessive increases in your property costs at rent review in the aftermath of the pandemic?

The pandemic continues to impact commercial property and the relationship between landlords and tenants has never been under so much pressure. However, some landlords are still seeking to exercise their contractual lease rights and are implementing rent reviews which can often lead to an occupiers' costs increasing.

Many landlords are using these cost issues as a further opportunity to pursue lease regears or changes that might provide short-term concessions but could have a long-term impact for the occupier.

The outcome of a rent review or lease regear can be strongly influenced by the use of an experienced professional advisor. Our proactive and creative approach to these types of negotiations can often reduce occupiers' costs over many years.

Let us undertake a free review of your current position and provide an initial appraisal that can help you to understand if taking professional advice would prove cost-effective.

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